Attention Business Coaches: How Do You Make an Irresistible Offer

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Before you can put together an offer for clients, you have to climb into their heads to understand what is essential. As I talked about in my last post, Finding Your Dream Clients, your dream client should be affluent if you want to level-up your business.

The time to get out of the mud, quicksand, or battle is now. You owe it to yourself, your family, and most of all your future clients.

Let’s review – Affluent people have their own people who take of them. They expect others to serve them. If they have a problem that can be solved with money, they don’t hesitate to search for help. 
They are often more appreciative of the support they receive with less hassle.  You can expect them to pay without angling for a discount. The affluent client will consider your help to be a natural part of their social needs.

To appeal to the affluent person, you need to provide them with an experience that reflects their social standing. The truth is exceptional service is what everyone looks for. And the affluent knows they can pay top-dollar, so they expect to be treated respectfully.

Creating this atmosphere isn’t all that tough. Brainstorm the extra touches you could include in your service to impress your clients. If you’re stumped, look at the magazines, websites, and TV shows that highlight the affluent lifestyle. Check out the services that the affluent turn to, such as interior designers, stylists, and cleaning services to name a few.

Check out these magazines for ideas.

  • Town and Country
  • The Wealth Collection
  • Bespoke Magazine
  • Afar Magazine
  • Global Living
  • Portfolio
  • Prestige
  • Elite Traveler
  • Robb Report

I find it easy to be sidetracked by all the pretty and interesting things in these magazines, but don’t forget to read the articles too. So much to learn about building trust and establishing your authority within those pages.

The affluent need coaching just like everyone else. They struggle with their health, relationships, and wealth issues. Yes, they struggle with wealth! This is where you dive in with your specialty. What is your area of expertise that will make a difference in your new client’s life?

Most coaches will offer the same old benefit statements as save time, make your life better, or make more money. These could work, but the better direction is addressing their values. That's where you'll find the golden nuggets.

Have you heard the story of how diamonds became the rock of choice for engagements? Diamonds haven’t always been the rock of choice. Not until De Beers launched a marketing campaign in 1947, a diamond is forever’. The campaign was successful as they encouraged celebrities to wear them as prestigious role models. De Beers spread the idea that diamonds are rare and valuable when, in fact, the supply is plentiful. If the real volume were to flood the market, the prices would drop like a rock :). De Beers has limited the supply of diamonds in the market.

It's amazing to think that a population can be convinced to believe that diamond are the natural choice for special occasions along with engagements.

Read the whole story at, theatlantic

I tell you this story to emphasize the importance of creating a new position for your service. Create a new story about your business. What is does, how you do it, why it's rare, when we know that coaches are e.v.e.ry.w.h.e.r.e.

Maybe not great ones, like you!

You don’t need to be like every other business coach when you can reframe your work with a statement that is like none other.

Consider their values as the foundation for the transformation that you’ll be delivering. These are more powerful than the usual run-of-the-mill feature-benefit statements that most business coaches publish in all their marketing.

elements of value


Build your trust and authority with the values in the pyramid. From the social impact, life-changing, emotional impact, to lastly functional values are the starting points to building your offer. Combine as many values in your offer as makes sense.

Remember, you’re not the average business coach anymore. You are stepping into a new professional practice that specializes in affluent clients.

Consider the highest elements of the value pyramid first, working your way down to functional values:

  • Self-actualization
  • Legacy
  • Aesthetics
  • Status
  • Affiliation/belonging

The complete list can be found in the

Start with the transformation that your client aspires to. Focus your conversations on them before you start talking about yourself. Before you start talking about all the beautiful things that you’ve done, make sure you wrap your gifts around how you helped others.

Your focus needs to be on all the ways that you’ll lead your client to better outcomes. There are multiple ways that you can add value to your coaching with gifts, free reports, books, recorded sessions, transcriptions, access to resources, or people.

Crafting the right offer with the right media to the right people are the recipe for success. Don’t be discouraged if your first offer isn’t a home run; it is often a matter of testing.

Testing one offer against another to see which one resonates with your dream clients.

A smart move would be to interview people for feedback and insights to see which services are valued and appreciated.

In summary: You need to start compiling your research to pull together your irresistible offer. Let me know what you think. 

Linda James Bennett; day 17 of 365. I’m writing articles to make you a shiny object in the world. If you'd like help with your offers, reach out to me at

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