Attention Business Coaches: Are You Still Looking For Your Dream Clients?

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If you are looking for more and/or better clients, I have a mini-lesson to shortcut your search. The truth is, who doesn’t want to find those dream clients? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to pick and choose the clients that you like instead of rolling the dice taking whoever has money?

Does this sound like your situation?

You find yourself haggling with penny pinchers, listening to chronic complainers, people who refuse to do their work, or tire kickers who waste your time. You’re chasing people with the hopes of talking them into a few hourly sessions to fill your calendar.   Or you’re trolling networking events looking to land a prospect for a free discovery call.

The result is near burnout as you run face-first into the same old brick wall. As hard as you may try, you find yourself talking to the same kind of person who has no money, not enough money, or is trying to negotiate for a trade to escape paying for the help they need.

Have you had enough?

Are you ready to turn it around?

What’s stopping you from reaching the heights you dreamed of when starting your coaching journey is more about your dream client and less about you.

You may hear that you need to change your mindset to reach your goals; that is true. For sure, you can’t get anywhere with a stinkin’ thinkin’ mentality.

So, let’s set that aside for the moment, and maybe what I’m going to share with you will change your thinkin’. Possibly you’re stuck in a prison of your mind. Because you haven’t been exposed to a different worldview, you don’t know what you don’t know.

This is going to blow your mind.

What I’m going to share with you isn’t strictly about shifting your mindset to change your belief system; the focus is your dream client’s mindset.

Your Dream Client’s Mindset

You see, when you climb into your client’s mind, look at the world through their eyes, you realize that they think much differently than you do. They don’t have the same monetary roadblocks that everyone suffers.

They don’t hold on to money the same way you do. For them money is a medium that allows them to have what you and I don’t have. They have choices. Lots of choices.

Your dream client is an affluent person. They are motivated to spend on the products and services that make them feel better, more attractive, provides access, status, and belonging.

Everything you think about where money is concerned is forgotten when you’re moving in the affluent circles.

The services that make them feel better is more than being organized, saving time, or avoiding hassles; it’s about feeling good about themselves. They feel good that they can do things without thinking twice about being able to afford it.

Recently I was watching a TV show about organizing your home by these two lovely and wacky ladies. They have their system, boxes, labels, and such. They helped celebrities organize their closets… closets of all their movie memorabilia, by movie, shoes, accessories, and clothing. In another episode, they organized a country singer’s pantry by snacks, canned goods, and food items. What does this tell us about affluent people, besides they can’t figure out how to store their groceries?

They like the status of having someone come in and take care of them. They value status. And don’t you know, they told all their friends that didn’t see them on the TV show about their experience.

Because affluent people can afford to have, people take care of them. They belong to the crowd that has ‘people’ who do things for them.

The number of people who take care of me is much smaller than the affluent. They need lots of people. It takes a village.

And good for you, because you can be part of those people.

They value the experience.

Having someone come in to organize your pantry with unusual containers, labels, and a system is an experience. One they will think about each time they walk into their pantry and gaze at their food. They will feel good about themselves. They have done something unique and costs money that didn’t need to be spent on necessities.

They take action to remove roadblocks when money is involved.

When there is something in their way, they can use money to remove it. It’s a form of self-actualization, power.

Here’s the excellent part for coaches. Many of the roadblocks in their life are common to all of us. They want what you and I want. We want our dreams to come true.

You can make that happen.

You can help them build better relationships with their family, friends, workers, and the world. Coach them to develop civilized children because we know that all children can be wild and out of control somewhere along the way. You can even help them feel better about themselves when they feel like they’re falling short.

These are the same things you’ve been trying to help broke, lazy, and hard-headed people through. They are not your people. They are not your dream clients.

Your dream clients need your help. They are looking for you, but maybe not where you think.

Here’s the wrinkle. Not all affluent people look like celebrities. Many of them look like your neighbor, even if your neighborhood isn't gated.

We’ve determined that your people are affluent.

Now you ask – who and where do I find them? The book, The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko is a beautiful resource. They have compiled an extensive list of businesses/occupations of self-employed millionaires that I found very enlightening. If you want to know more about where they hang out and what they do, I would highly suggest you read this book.

Now I’ve told you who your dream client should be, what they value (in part), and what they like, you need to start your research.

Start a list of your 100 dream clients. Use a spreadsheet to start building your list. Read what they read. Start thinking like them.

Now the critical element is positioning your service. You can’t be another life coach, business coach, or even an executive coach – it has to be different. Remember, they like unique because they are special.

In my next article, I’ll share with you what makes an offer special.

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