How I Overcame My False Beliefs

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I was an unhappy corporate salesperson trying to find the right mechanism to make extra money. I wanted to use my sales background to build a side-hustle for myself, so I wouldn’t have to miss out on building a nest egg for my disabled son.

I wanted to stash extra money away so we’d have the money my disabled son would need to provide for him later in life.

The thing is, I was following one shiny object after another, along with losing money on the next big thing. That meant I couldn’t stash extra money away, let alone have a legacy for my son with special needs.

To make things worse, I felt terrible because each new venture would have limited success. I wasn’t getting the momentum I needed. I felt even worse about the situation because I was an experienced salesperson who enjoyed corporate sales success but couldn’t reach my entrepreneur’s goal. I felt stupid, like I was missing something that everyone else knew.

The problem was I was out of money after buying every system out there. With little to show for it. Which meant my problem had gotten even worse. My original goal to provide for my son looked improbable with mounting credit card debt, which killed my dream of finding the mechanism to make money online.

Then, as if by chance, something unique happened…

When I listened to a podcast that talked about a new marketing approach, I studied everything around sales websites, human psychology, and sales copywriting I could find.

It was now crystal clear to me how to find the missing gold within a business. I knew how to make them unique, placing them in their own Blue Ocean without scary sharks. I saw how to uncover the missing gold within a company that they didn’t see.

I also learned entrepreneurs frequently fall into the trap of looking for solutions in silos. The answer is more significant than SEO, design, colors, and logos. It would be best if you created your sales machine that works for you all the time instead of a dead website.

As a result, I went on a quest to learn how to sell online, from hook, story, and offers, and transforming websites into sales machines.

After I did that, I started helping others transform their business with powerful sales messages.

Suddenly, I was picking and choosing who I served in a more meaningful way.

That’s when I realized that the secret to finding the right mechanism to make money online was to leverage my sales background to help others level up their business with the right framework.

I planned to create a sales funnel to attract frustrated business people who wanted to know why their marketing wasn’t working. And they felt like they didn’t get all the details like they were leaving something out… the cool stuff. It sounded right, but I felt there was a missing piece. Maybe something has changed.

So, I started starting walking people through the framework to transform their marketing to make them the shiny object others wanted. But I didn’t stop there.

I then worked with frustrated businesspeople fixing their copy.

After that, I created funnels for finding your niche and personal services markets.

But there was still a problem…

Each new copywriting course I took led me further down the rabbit hole and away from the real problems that frustrate online marketers. Still, I looked just like all the other copywriters who said they could do sales copy. I knew I would be wasting money competing with my fellow copywriters. I, too, had to find my own Blue Ocean.

I got so frustrated that I decided to embrace the rebel within to stand apart from my competition. I reverse-engineered the whole sales cycle. I discovered poor results come from the mistakes made in the formulation of the marketing plan. It doesn’t matter how good or poor your copy might be; if your initial concept was wrong, the whole goal is a mess.

So, I created a new framework.

I chose to call it “Finding Your Niche Decoded.”

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible to help frustrated business owners get unstuck, I’d be pleased.

After years of hearing entrepreneurs complain about being blinded by “shiny objects,” I realized that they were also going down rabbit holes. Instead of having a mishmash of solutions to piece together, I created Finding Your Niche Decoded, a more comprehensive solution.

I can now create a new outcome for my clients that they haven’t achieved on their own.

After creating Finding Your Niche Decoded, I was able to help entrepreneurs build a better business than they saw for themselves. I’ve also been able to stop worrying about assisting new clients because we can now approach their business with a framework to get superior results.

And in the end, all of this means I’m now able to be with my family, like spending time with my husband and kids.

And that is why I wanted to share this with you.

Linda James Bennett is obsessed with creating clear brand messages to help business owners win online. She believes that marketing shouldn't be complicated to be great. Let's face it, as a business owner you need to focus on the bottom line that drives sales, not being a copywriter. She is also an author of the book, Becoming A Seriously Happy Special Needs Mom ~ 21 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place, on

Linda James Bennett

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