5 Steps To Get Anything You Want

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(My 5 Step Strategy For Getting Anything You Want Out Of Life!)

Let me tell you a quick story…

  • I was an unhappy corporate salesperson trying to find the right mechanism to make extra money. I wanted to use my sales background to build a side-hustle for myself, so I wouldn't have to miss out on building a nest egg for my disabled son.
  • I wanted to stash extra money away, so we'd have the money my disabled son would need to provide for him later in life.
  • The thing is, I was following one shiny object after another, along with losing money on the next big thing. That meant I couldn't stash extra money away, let alone have a legacy for my son with special needs.
  • To make things worse, I felt terrible because each new venture would have limited success. I wasn't getting the momentum I needed. I felt even worse about the situation because I was an experienced salesperson who enjoyed corporate sales success but couldn't reach my entrepreneur's goal. I felt stupid like I was missing something that everyone else knew.
  • The problem was I was out of money after buying every system out there. With little to show for it. Which meant my problem had gotten even worse. My original goal to provide for my son looked improbable with mounting credit card debt, which killed my dream of finding the mechanism to make money online.

Big Picture Strategy For Getting Anything You Want Out Of Life:

  • Step 1: Decide exactly what you want
  • Step 2: Know WHY you want it and believe you can achieve it
  • Step 3: Take massive ACTION daily towards your outcome
  • Step 4: Have Faith it's on its way

Step 1: Decide Exactly What You Want

  • I wasn't sure what I wanted. I discovered the effectiveness of selling but didn't consider all the different variations. The problem was my 'what' was too big.
  • The power of words is the entry into selling online, in print, books, brochures, advertising, and the list goes on. I needed to find a way to narrow down my 'what' into a bite-size piece.
  • While I loved communications, I had a false belief that you had to know perfect grammar to venture into this world. That is absolutely not true. Today, many tools and resources fix or make suggestions for missing commas or misplaced verbs or nouns. (And I have been called out for my blunders, but I don't care. Perfection isn't what I'm going for).
  • Because perfection is the enemy of good enough. Ship it... get it out the door.

Step 2: Know WHY You Want It And Believe You Can Achieve It

  • I found my why when I wanted to write a book. My bucket-list contained a book. Once I found out that I could hire a book editor to fix my errors, I knew I could share my heart with others.
  • While I longed to write a business self-help book, my heart told me that I needed to share what it is like to be a seriously happy special needs mom (and wife). I searched looking for support as we raised our developmentally disabled son and found none. Indeed, others are speaking about the mom's life, the struggles to be a good mom and wife... but no.
  • After I figured out my WHY I went to work on my book, everyday words flew out of me as I built my story. I loved writing that book. It was done in record time, six months. While it was revealing, it felt good sharing the ups and downs of life in the world of the disabled.

Step 3: Take Massive ACTION Daily Towards Your Outcome

  • You must believe it is possible. Then you must sit down and do the work. You don't think about it. You don't ask yourself how you feel; you just put your fingers on the keyboard, and off you go.
  • I found the people I needed to help me put my book together. The cover was done in one take. It was love at first sight. The editor was super helpful in guiding me through the editing process. Everything came together just as it should.
  • It wasn't perfect, but it was moving forward. From the concept of publishing, it was done in nine months. Massive action was the secret to getting it done.

Step 4: Have Faith It's On Its Way

  • Pray for direction
  • Listen for answers
  • Understand answers come through others
  • Lean into the process
  • Don't give up
  • Keep going even when you're tired
  • Focus
  • Listen to your inner voice that speaks loving to you
  • Don't ask others what they think - they aren't you
  • Believe those good things will come to you when your glass is half full

Examples Of This Framework In Action:

  • Pray as your life depends on God but work like it all depends on you. I don't believe in accidents. I believe that everything we do comes together when we take our time to listen. Listen for what is good, mind your own business, and focus.
  • All too often, I would confuse my goals with the goals of others. We have to play our own game using our talents and gifts. Likewise, I can't rain on your parade just because it isn't my path.

Conclusion / Final Thoughts:

  • The key to this entire process is to get super clear on what you want FIRST
  • You need to bake that desire on the oven of emotional visualization daily
  • If you believe in yourself, take massive action, check your goals periodically for course correction, and be patient, you will see results.

Next Steps:

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Go through the five steps
  • Set a time daily to visualize your goal properly
  • Start putting ACTIONS in your calendar, and don't let your head hit the pillow at night without taking those actions to the best of your ability
  • This is my 3-daily post on my journey to 365 days straight. Only 362 left, I'm almost there.

Linda James Bennett is obsessed with creating clear brand messages to help business owners win online. She believes that marketing shouldn't be complicated to be great. Let's face it, as a business owner you need to focus on the bottom line that drives sales, not being a copywriter. She is also an author of the book, Becoming A Seriously Happy Special Needs Mom ~ 21 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place, on Amazon.com

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