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Let me ask you a question, have you been looking for a new way to hook your customers/clients?

Have you been experimenting with a few things to get their attention away from streaming services and homeschooling kids?

This is true if your market is under the age of forty-five. They have their hands full juggling work, school, and the family calendar.

With the new year right around the corner, we’ll be kicking off a slew of fun holidays to add flavor to your emails. If your brand voice is fun and light-hearted, you’re in for a treat. The truth is everyone can’t pull this off. I’m talking about using holidays in your content calendar to make your email campaigns more engaging.

Let’s face it the last few years have been turbulent with fires, hurricanes, a pandemic, and of course, our favorite – politics to spice up the mix. But we’re not going to talk about any of those things because we need to change the channel to what matters as a business owner – finding those lovely things we call customers/clients.

To find our clients, we need to add some humor to our brand. If you’re working in financials, insurance, or other heavily regulated areas, this strategy may not work for you. You have guidelines to follow, but for the rest of us, let’s kick the next year off with some F.U.N.

You’re probably saying to yourself, ok, there are a couple of holidays coming up-I tried that cheesy stuff before, and it didn’t work.

Is that right?

Well, look at it this way – we want to create fun themes. Themes that work with all kinds of crazy holiday-ish days. Each month has fantastic holidays that most people haven’t heard of, but they’re real. I bet there isn’t an industry out there that can’t take advantage of weird holidays in your email series.

Who doesn’t love the National Fruitcake Toss Day on January 3? Or National Whipped Cream Day on January 5?

And then there’s National Hangover Day on – you guessed it, January 1.

Since the purpose of an email is to engage your readers, sending them fun and engaging materials gets them to read and click on your offers.

Segmented Campaigns

Now the average person slaps a theme around these crazy days and sends out the funny story. Which is totally great, but let’s take it up a notch.

Why not use this as your chance to get to know your readers. Find out what they like and why they like it. This is critical because you can use that data to send them special announcements or invitations throughout the year.

This is your chance to weave in market segmentation, which is the secret ingredient in all those prominent marketers’ campaigns. They have cleverly spent the time to get to know their market. This is real gold; your marketing costs are reduced when you can laser focus your offers to the most likely people to say, yes, please.

For example: If it’s National Keto Day, on January 5, ask them if they have tried it or what else they’ve tried. This works for multiple niches, weight loss, personal trainers, food supplements, vitamin supplements, and the list goes on. When you know where they’ve been, you better understand their struggles. Since you’re in the pain-solution business, you can take them on your journey of solutions.

Always give them an offer of some kind. Something as simple as respond to what you like about … or sell them something – small: check their engagement with an interactive activity. You’re looking for your super fans. Who loves you, baby?

Content Calendar

The best way to pull this off is with a content calendar. A simple spreadsheet will do just fine if you’re not already using one. Layout the dates, the holidays, the theme, offers, and segmentation ideas. This is a daunting task; to get it going, just do a quarter at a time. To roll out the year, add the next quarter as you go along to complete your year. Now you’re ready for the following years too – win-win.

Assign this task to your team to get the ball rolling. Add to your spreadsheet the subject line for each email in your sequence and another column for your campaign results. Track your results.

You’re going to want to track the following:

  • Date of the email
  • Holiday – crazy holiday linked to your industry
  • Theme – a month-long adventure
  • Offers – give them something to buy or ask them a question
  • Segmentation ideas – what do they like that you might offer
  • Email subject line – what’s your hook
  • Results $$ - how did they do

Marketing Automation

While you’re planning, start writing out our emails. You can use a single holiday in the month to create your theme around it, just like the grocery stores do. I know that I’ve seen Halloween candy out way too early for my house. It becomes a Halloween month. But you can do better than that.

And to make it easy, use your email system to send out those emails for you automatically. Building this as you go will make it easy for you to pull the trigger to launch your new fun emails.

Taking this step by step, you’ll have an email engine to deliver happy customers/clients and make big money.

The Next Steps

Start looking at the next quarter to launch your crazy holiday email calendar. Google  ‘crazy holidays’ to find your favorite holidays to work with your niche. Naturally, there’s an endless supply of fun themes for you to build upon. Try going a little out of the box to fascinate your readers. Don’t do the same old same old again – unless you find a new way to switch it up. Your market may like nostalgia, that never goes out of favor. Fine-tune is as you go, watching for new sign-ups. Your goal is to create a hyper-responsive list, which may become a segment or two of the primary list. Keep an eye on your responses.

In summary:

Email marketing is fun, and it plays a significant part in your business because you need to stay in touch with your readers. Always over-deliver.  If you'd like to chat about your next project, reach out at

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