10 Headlines: Click Bait or Curiosity You Decide

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I marvel at the stories that entertainment and lifestyle writers come up with. They go from bazaar to how did you come up with that. I love to read the headlines. I’ve looked at some of the best ones, and I’m sharing them with you.

Check out these ten headlines, and read the articles too if you can't resist.

Celebs With The Worst Teeth

This caught my attention since celebrities are so fixated on beauty. These celebrities aren’t afraid to show off their smiles, good, bad, and well, you can see for yourself.

Athletes With Questionable Personal Hygiene

This is a train wreck that you scream – what is this all about if you’re into sports, you just want to know more.

Celebrities That 2020 Took Away From Us Far Too Soon

At the end of every year, I’m always looking at who passed during the year. You just have to look.

Bella Hadid flashes a glimpse of her taut midriff as she frolics in the snow following heavy snowstorm in New York

When I came across this, I wondered how many people are wondering about Bella Hadid’s midriff. Covid and lockdowns have created a crisis in the entertainment world for exciting stories, so this one is filling that hole.

The 3 Worst Moves You Can Make If the Stock Market Crashes in 2021

Naturally, if you have money in the market, you have to check this out.

Lane Kiffin tells Ole Miss player to fake injury in most blatant way yet

Now we all suspect that some of those players who fall by the wayside during a game are faking it or at least being too dramatic. You’ve got to see what this is all about.

Here’s the never-before-seen Simpsons video game dreamt up for Sega Dreamcast

For gamers, this is a must-see article. When you add, never before seen, you’ve just hooked a ton of people.

Mark Hamill Reacts To “Real Triumph” Of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Finale’s Surprise Appearances

This headline is loaded with curious words and phrases. A season finale’s surprise is obviously baited to read and watch.

The Best Book Covers of 2020

If you’re into books, this is the headline for you. Especially if you’re writing a book, you need to see the best for your next bestseller.

Grey's Anatomy boss responds to Meredith's midseason finale cliffhanger

When a show has seventeen seasons, you know people will want to know more about a cliffhanger. As if they’re going to tell you… you've got to watch to see what happens.

The Next Steps

There you go, ten headlines that grab eyeballs. You’ve just got to click to see more. There are a few lessons for you when it comes to writing headlines that you can’t forget. Headlines matter to your readers, you have to give them a reason to read your article. Take time to find the best headline. While many of the headlines are striking the curiosity note they are all straightforward. They don't muddle the message with clever ideas.

In summary: Headlines are important. When it comes to putting the cherry on top, you’ll need a catchy headline to finish your writing.

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