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Linda James Bennett Shiny Object Marketing

Linda James Bennett

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

As a life-long face-to-face salesperson, I've faced rejection and failure. My sales career turned around when I learned persuasion selling. The craft of selling with soft skills; using stories to create the human connection that we all want.

My clients have enjoyed working with a copywriter who has more insights than just writing. 

The examples I  provide below are a small portion of my work.

The samples cover:

  • direct response to connect
  • email campaigns to sell
  • landing/sales pages to sell tickets
  • websites to engage
  • long brochures to explain a comprehensive program
  • lead magnets for lead capture
shiny object marketing websites

Websites and Sales Pages

High-converting webpages need to take the reader on a journey.
The reader is looking for a solution to their problem, and they have found it... when they landed on your site.Both the websites and sales page satisfies all the mental checkboxes they need to take action. Know. Like. Trust!

Lead Magnets

Step One: Capture leads on your website with a valuable report or piece of information for your visitors.  You are providing your audience with useful information in exchange for their email address.

Step Two: Start your conversation with an email sequence.

Brochures, Email Campaigns, Direct Response-Print

  • The email series were part of a marketing campaign to sell tickets to events.
  • The program brochure is a comprehensive marketing piece that is used to sell coaching programs.
  • The direct response letter was sent to a cold list to get leads.
  • My background

    I take all the best elements of your business and transform it into a simple straightforward message that appeals to your ideal audience. Using my lifetime experience of face-to-face sales brings out the best in copywriting.

    Below are some of the resources I turn to when I'm working through my writing process.

    Digital Marketer has the coolest marketing strategies around.

    Conversion-Focused Copy

    Branded Storytelling

    Direct-Response Copy

    Have you seen enough?