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The little black dress of marketing - the lead funnel.

The Simple Automated 3-Step Lead Generator Everyone Needs

This automated three-step lead generator (the tech term is a funnel) is the foundation to your business. It's the key to building a strong and prosperous business no matter what economic conditions should arise. Now is the time to insulate yourself from market threats when you have a database of potential and existing clients with this simple process.

Step 1. Create Your Hook

Let's start with the burning question that everyone asks you all the time? Curiosity and story are the elements that drive people wild.  They have to know the answer.

Step 2. Thank them for asking.

Deliver on your promise to give them the answer. They are grateful for the tips, hacks, shortcuts, lessons, insights, coupon codes, or templates that you've provided. (Yes, it's true there are many options.)

Step 3. Follow-up emails

Now is your opportunity to win them over with your knowledge and ability to improve their life.

Start Leveling Up Your Results With The Power of Storytelling

Laser Focused

Big Idea

Lift Off

 “Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric 

I use my experience as a storyteller to create results for you...


I'm  Linda James Bennett

I'm passionate about using storytelling and the process called, funnels to build your business. I remember when I learned how telling a story will naturally bypass a person's defense mechanism. WOW - that's powerful.

I was hooked. 

I love stories. Stories sell your point of view without clubbing a person over the head. You reach into that small space that captures their imagination for what could be for them. Giving them the most powerful gift - hope.

I support service-based professionals in their quest to expand their businesses with the power of storytelling and funnels.

Find out how storytelling will change your business. Let's figure it out for you.

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My background has been in corporate and using "corporate speak" for more than 30 years. I started my own coaching business and learned that I do not feel comfortable nor do I know how to express myself on a personal level in my business communications. How do I connect with potential clients in a personal rather than a logistical way? Linda became my voice. I am able to describe a situation and she could get to the heart of the problem, expressing feelings. I'm grateful that Linda takes my long explanation and translates it into concise phrases and captures the prospect's emotions.

I've learned a lot and will continue with her help with copywriting and promotional ideas. I value her experience in marketing as well. Linda services are ideal for small businesses and solopreneurs, trying to do it all themselves. If you are looking to connect with potential clients on a personal level, and unsure of how to do this, Linda will help. If you want to know how your website, social media, sales pages come across to an objective 3rd party, let Linda take a look.

Nancy Lysandrou Solutions Coach

I ran into a client who attended one of our events five years ago and didn't invest in our signature program. Her husband picked up our new brochure at one of my recent presentations and brought it to her to read. She said that she "now understood the value of the program" and wished she'd invested in it at that time. That's a perfect example of how powerful good copywriting can convey a message more concisely.


Linda is an amazing marketer. She has helped my business not only with fresh ideas but implementation as well. She is an amazing asset that truly understands the needs and wants of your client and how to be the solution. I highly recommended her services. She is one of a kind!

Jenna Rancourt Foliage Wealth Management

Linda has a keen eye for the psychology of sales and conversion copywriting. She helped me edit my sales page with clear and actionable recommendations. She was quick to respond to my needs and followed up with a call explaining her insights. Her strategy suggestions were just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her for your next sales project - copy editing.

Anita Toth Chief Churn Crusher

It's not your fault you don't have the results you deserve. 

I'll show you how to get ahead of the curve.

My services include...

Your Lead (Funnel) Strategy

Just like a free flowing stream we move your ideal clients to you as the obvious choice. Get your roadmap today.

Story + Conversion-Focused Copy

Using stories you build the interest and curiosity to take the next step with you.

Email Marketing Strategy

Reaching out as friend you start building your relationship as the trusted guide.

Your Lead Process Audit

Are you leaking profits? Discover how to improve the performance of your process to increase your bottom line.

Done With You

When you need the framework to build your next funnel, I'll create the roadmap for you.

Done For You

Naturally, you have more to do than learn how to be a copywriter and marketer. I'll do it for you... one less job-to-be-done.

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